ie. Jupiters aka Russian copies LTM
I actually "discovered" them by accident after having been introduced to LTM rangefinders in the form of IIIf bought off It came with the body that I purchased and described only as a Russian Elmar, didn't even have a lenscap. Its looks dodgy at first glance, feels even dodgier after I got my hands on the original Elmar. After looking thru the negatives and prints I've clocked up 2 more Jupiters. IMHO image quality is not too shabby ... not too shabby at all especially when you consider it's only at EUR40/pop inclusive of postage.

Having said that I have yet to get back negs from Leitz Elmar 5cm/3.5 and 50/2.8. Hopefully I don't have to throw either one of them in the canal.


You get what you pay for ... so if you do get what you want in the first place then that's just peachy!